KDE Connect seemly integrates with Dolphin file manager. However, if we happen to use Thunar, we can still achieve some similar. On this post, I’ll describe how to do it.

Sending files via context menu

On Dolphin, we get a context-menu option to send files to the phone. To have it on Thunar:

1) First, run kdeconnect-cli -l to get a list of your paired devices. Take note of the device ID or name.

2) Open Thunar, click on Edit - Configure custom actions, and create a new action with the following command:

kdeconnect-cli -d DEVICE_ID --share %F


kdeconnect-cli -n DEVICE_NAME --share %F

Phone filesystem shortcut

On Dolphin, we get an entry for the phone filesystem on the side panel. This entry is more than a simple shortcut for a path - it will also mount the phone filesystem whenever necessary.

While we won’t replicate that exact functionality, we can still have a shortcut on Thunar doing the following:

1) Click on the KDE Connect tray icon and select Browse device. A window should open with your exposed phone filesystem.

If it doesn’t for some reason, try to browse Thunar to /run/user/YOUR_UID/DEVICE_ID.

2) On Thunar, go up one directory and drag the previous folder to the side panel. Rename it as you wish.

The caveat of this strategy is that the entry will only show up after KDE Connect mounts the phone filesystem. So, you’ll still need to click on Browse device once per session.

We’re done. Thunar and KDE Connect should now be much more integrated.