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MIUI Notes trims text without warning
Apr 29, 2019
One minute read

This entry is just a friendly warning if you happen to use the Notes app from Xiaomi.

These days I shared a few texts to it via Android’s share menu. All seemed well. No error message and all texts were there as new notes, as expected.

However, later when I opened them, I realized that some ended abruptly. They were trimmed around 16,300 characters (which probably not by accident is close to 2^14).

In order to know which app was to blame, I repeated the sharing but to other app instead of Notes. The result then was fine: the text was fully there.

So, this seems like MIUI Notes not taking proper action when receiving texts that exceed its character limit. Not even a warning to the user.

I filled a bug to Xiaomi, but while it is not fixed, be aware so this don’t get you in trouble.

For the record, the MIUI Notes version is 1.5.2.

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