A cause for error 0x80070057 on Windows 10

After years as a full-time Linux user, lately I decided to fiddle a bit more with Windows 10.

Just a couple of days passed from a clean Windows installation, and I faced a somewhat obscure bug. The solution I found might be helpful to someone else.

The issue was these operations would fail most of the time:

  • Installing or updating software via Windows Store
  • Installing Windows updates
  • Windows installing “new resources”
  • Updating Apple software

The error displayed was 0x80070057.

If you Google it, you’ll see this error hasn’t a single known cause, and attempting to fix it consists on trying multiple things, including nuking your whole Windows installation (and after reinstallation the error might still be there :-D).

In this beautiful scenario, I went to do some troubleshooting. I detected that, in my system, that error was related to a specific software I had installed and running: EncFSMP 0.11.1.

Simply unmonting all drives in this application makes the error go away.

I’ve filled a bug for it.

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