Fixing kdeconnect-cli "no such object path" error

At some point, kdeconnect-cli started to throw me this error error: No such object path '/modules/kdeconnect/device/<DEVICE_ID>/share' when trying to send a file to my phone.

This seems to mean that the share plugin isn’t enabled on that device. However, I checked it wasn’t the case, by going to the plugin list on the KDE Connect app on the phone. I could fix it by toggling it twice (disabling and re-enabling).

So, if you are getting a similar error, it’s worth to try this with the respective plugin.

These are the versions used:

  • kdeconnect-cli: 1.4.0
  • KDE Connect App (Android): 1.17.0
  • Distro: Linux Mint 20.1

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